Since 2012, WarmUp Solutions are your locally owned Dunedin-based ceiling & underfloor insulation and ground vapour barrier installers for a Warmer, Dryer & Healthier Home. 

Warmup Solutions will thoroughly insulate your home to a high standard. We install Branz approved ceiling and underfloor insulation with ground vapour barrier in homes.

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An insulation inspection certificate detailing current ceiling, underfloor and wall insulation found on day of inspection is available for landlords. 

In your quote or inspection request, please make sure you specify where the manholes are to your ceiling and underfloor areas. 

The insulation certificate verifies what we found on the day of inspection. Please ensure there are no un-disclosed ceiling and subfloor areas.

The landlord is 100% liable for ensuring their rental property meets the governments required insulation standards otherwise they may incur fines up to $4000 from July 1, 19. Please see Tenancy Services for more information. 

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Warmup Solutions install Knauf Earthwool Glasswool, Mammoth Polyester Insulation. 

All of the insulation we professionally install maintains the thermal insulation properties in accordance with the 50 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. 

Get more value for your money. Warmup Solutions installs ceiling insulation R4.1 at competitive pricing in the Dunedin area. We also install R3.6 Ceiling insulation and R1.8 & R1.5 underfloor insulation that meets the new tenant legislation effective 1st July, 19.  

Choose Full Professional installation option or Do It Yourself with Bales Delivered to your door.

Warmup Solutions. Ceiling and underfloor insulation installed

Customer Feedback
Steve Dunbar of Warmup Solutions has an excellent understanding of the insulation requirements of different houses, and the team to implement the work
efficiently, to the great satisfaction of all his customers."
 Loris Ives

Customer Feedback
"We were very pleased with the service provided by Warmup Solutions.  Steve arrived on time and the underfloor insulation looks great and performs well.  Very pleased we didn't have to install the Mammoth ourselves as being underfloor it wasn't that easy to install.  Very close quarters in some places.  We found Steve very professional and easy to deal with, and we would be happy to recommend Warmup Solutions.
." Dennis Tipper

Customer Feedback
"I’ve been impressed by your prompt responses to my request for a quote for the work and for installing the insulation. Thank you
Steve Dunbar from Warmup Solutions."

Customer Feedback
"Hi Steve, I just wanted to thank you, and to let you know that it was a pleasure doing business with you and your company, Warmup Solutions. From the get go, I felt I was dealing with a true professional who has a thorough understanding of the insulation business, particularly in respect of what insulation solution would work best in my 100 year old, wooden house. Your knowledge concerning the law governing insulation in tenanted properties proved invaluable in achieving specification compliance. The job was done on time and as quoted. I couldn’t be happier, and would have no hesitation in recommending you, and your team, to anyone looking for a friendly, reliable, environmentally sound, and cost effective insulation service
 Phil Rykers

Customer Feedback
We were incredibly happy with the work done on our underfloor insulation and vapour barrier. Our electrician commented that it was very well done. Everything was installed with a great attention to detail and we can already feel the difference the vapour barrier makes. We would absolutely recommend Warmup Solutions to any of our friends."
 Nick Rutledge

Customer Feedback
"Hi Steve. Thought you’d like to know, we had some plumbing done today and the plumber commented what a good job the insulation under the house was."  Raymond Huber

Customer Feedback
"We are very pleased with all aspects of the underfloor installation: The service, the fair price, the work ethic of the installers , and the affable personality of Stephen as manager"  Bruce & Jill Beath

Customer Feedback
"Would like to thank you for a fantastic job. The house is now toasty warm! You and your team did everything you said you would, came on time, did a great job with care and attention to detail, with a top “Green” product and the price was great too! We would recommend you without any hesitation!"  Nicky and Mark Lockerbie

Customer Feedback
"Thank you for insulating our home. I have to say I believe it has made a huge difference!. Thank you Warmup Solutions."  Nirmal Thind

Customer Feedback
We continue to enjoy the insulation you have done. The difference continues to amaze me. It's wonderful and I have told lots of people about the work you Warmup Solutions have done."  Robyn Bridges

Customer Feedback
"We are so happy with the insulation you have installed for us thanks so much. We noticed an instant change and believe things are much warmer even without any additional heating. We would definitely recommend your services to others.."  Kate & Mike Walters

Customer Feedback
"Steve and his team recently installed ceiling insulation in my older brick home (1950's build) and we notice a huge difference straight away. The team from Warmup Solutions are very friendly and did a great job on what was a difficult task with all my ceiling down lights. I highly recommend to all. Kind Regards "  Sam Hislop

Customer Feedback
"Much appreciate your friendly service and the great job you and your team have done . I'll certainly be recommending you to others."  Gavin & Joanne Clark

Customer Feedback
"Warmup Solutions have recently installed underfloor insulation in our almost 100 year old villa. Already we notice that our house is warmer and stays warmer through the evening and night. Our feet stay warm even on cold days and we are looking forward to a much warmer winter. We would highly recommend Stephen and his team."  Stella Nicholson.

Customer Feedback
"We thought the job you did was excellent and thought your contacts with us to be both friendly and professional. Thank you for your help and fast and efficient service.We feel warmer already."  Julia and Wendel.

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Customer Feedback
"My name is Jeremy Pearson and I invest in residential properties.  I have used Warmup Solutions to install Earthwool Glasswool & Technobond insulation into four homes and have found them fantastic to deal with. Before I used Warm Up solutions, I installed other insulation products and did not enjoy handling the product as it was itchy and potentially harmful to my lungs.  Warmup Solutions products keep you warm, are great to handle, ecologically friendly and cost effective.  I can highly recommend Stephen and his team for any insulation project you need and know you will be treated to prompt, efficient service at a competitive price.  All of my future properties will be insulated by Stephens team at Warm Up Solutions so do yourself a favour and give him a call." Jeremy Pearson.

Customer Feedback
The Knauf Earthwool Glasswool & Technobond Insulation has made a huge difference to my home. It's nice to wakeup in the morning and not be so cold. Thank you very much Steve & Warmup Solutions. " Sue.

Customer Feedback
"Warmup Solutions have recently installed ceiling insulation in our home. I have noticed a difference in the warmth of the house. Thank you very much Stephen and his team."  Sheree.

Customer Feedback
The insulation has made a huge difference in making our home more comfortable. Your service and worksmanship throughout has been fantastic and we'll be happy to recommend you to anyone. Best regards. " Glen and Jared

WarmUp Solutions environmentally friendly insulation is long lasting, BRANZ certified to last 50 years when properly installed to the NZ Insulation standard 4246, and allergy friendly with "no itch".

How does Insulation work?.
Insulation works by reducing the transfer of heat by means of a barrier.

High heat loss, up to 30%, occurs through the roof, so high levels of ceiling insulation are essential for a warm & dry home. 

Heat loss through the under-floor is up to 15%. Effective under-floor insulation stops cold air pushing all your heat to the ceiling. If your ground is wet, an additional vapour barrier is required to prevent ground moisture getting into the house. Insulation can also help to limit internal condensation.

An uninsulated house loses heat through the roof, walls, windows & floor


Benefits of Insulating your home

  • You will be in Comfort as your home is warmer & dryer.
  • Your home will retain heat better and for longer and this can improve your general well-being. 
  • You could save on energy and reduce your electricity bill.
  • You are adding value to your home


Ceiling insulation. Knauf Earthwool Glasswool Insulation. German Technology. 50 Year Warranty.

Our Insulation is High Quality 
Knauf Earthwool Glasswool for your ceiling is energy saving & allergy friendly insulation. We install Earthwool Glasswool Ceiling R4.1 and also R3.6 to warm up your home. Earthwool Glasswool with windwash barrier R1.8 or Mammoth R1.5 Polyester Insulation in your under-floor will help increase your floor temperature by up to 3 Degrees Celius and will not slump or lose loft over time. Mammoth is made nearby in Milton. Local Dunedin based insulation installers. 

Our quality insulation has 50 years durability, is allergy friendly, has a high "R" rating and is great value. Minimum R values required in Dunedin homes are Ceiling R3.3+ & Underfloor R1.3+. 

We also install the ground vapour barrier with minimum 250 microns per m2 to help stop dampness from your ground entering through your floor. We often remove foil from ceilings or underfloors before we start installing our insulation. Note, from 1st July, 16, foil must not be installed in any home. Read the new legislation banning foil installation into homes into New Zealand.

Ask WarmUp Solutions to install our Ceiling and Underfloor insulation in your Dunedin home now. 

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Warmup Solutions
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Steve Dunbar

Steve Dunbar, Founder & Owner. Warmup Solutions. Dunedin

Warmup Solutions
Proudly Installs
Ceiling insulation. Knauf Insulation. German Technology. Made in USA. 50 Year Warranty.
Mammoth underfloor insulation

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Warmup Solutions offers prompt friendly service with knowledge of the ceiling or underfloor insulation to help warmup your home at a competitive price.  Call us for a Free Competitive Quote.
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Note, new government legislation from 1st July, 16,. Minimum product R-value requirements for insulation installed in dwellings containing residential tenancies from 1 July 2016,  in Dunedin is Ceiling. R3.3+. Underfloor R1.3+. Click to read details here. Warning. Don't install R3.2 in ceilings. It's not enough to meet new government requirements effective 1st July, 16.

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