Ceiling Insulation

  • Knauf Earthwool Glasswool insulation is BRANZ certified to last 50 years when properly installed.

  • Choose either Ceiling R4.1 insulation at 195mm thick or Ceiling R3.6 at 175mm thick. Each Segment of insulation is 1160mm length * 430mm width. Insulation is in segments. Other R values are available. Ceiling R5.2 or R6.3. Minimum new standard required is R3.3 in the Dunedin area.

  • Enhanced indoor air quality. With no added formaldehyde, earthwool is allergy friendly.

  • Fire Safe.

  • Blocks sound.

  • Environmentally friendly insulation.

  • Made using recycled glass.

  • "Less itch". 

  • Natural Brown Colour.

Knauf Earthwool Glasswool Insulation. Long lasting and allergy friendly.

Earthwool. Super soft energy saving insulation for your ceiling.

Brown Earthwool

Under-floor Insulation.

We offer five alternatives depending on stock available from suppliers.

Knauf Earthwool Glasswool. R1.8 & R1.5 with WindWash barrier. Mammoth™Polyester R1.5 & R1.8 insulation, Technobond Polyester R1.6, Minimum new standard required in Dunedin is R1.3. 


Earthwool Glasswool Underfloor

  • The Earthwool« glasswool underfloor insulation. R1.5 & R1.8. Underfloor roll range is a new generation of softer, safer and more environmentally friendly glasswool insulation.

  • Advanced compression packaging reduces handling time and the storage space required on-site.
    The product is specifically designed for overhead installation in tight crawl spaces and has a black glass wind wash barrier to make it even more thermally efficient.

  •          Excellent thermal performance - the wind wash barrier              ensures the thermal performance is not affected by air              movement under the floor.

  • Earthwool glasswool is odourless, rot proof, non-hygroscopic, do not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria.
    Superior Handling

  • Highly resilient recovers quickly to full thickness for a snug fit and superior finished aesthetics.
    Consistent quality materials feel good, cut easily and install fast.  Low dust for easier handling and increased productivity.

           Mammoth™Polyester R1.5 & R1.8 insulation

  • Mammoth Polyester Insulation for the underfloor. R1.5 is 100mm thick or R1.8 is 115mm thick. 

  • Mammoth has a 50 year manufacturer’s guarantee, Branz certified, and it will not sag or compress over time and is not affected by moisture.

  •          Locally made in Milton.
  • Recycling plastic protects the environment by keeping the carbon content locked up in the polyester fibre and reducing landfill waste.

  • Mammoth™ products are made in a near zero waste production process and all products are fully recyclable.

  • Mammoth underfloor insulation products are easy to handle and install.

  •          After installation, Mammoth insulation looks similar                  to Technobond insulation. Both are made of polyester              and installed the same way.  
  •          The cat pictured below is enjoying a warm home                      and so could you.

  Please see below, photo of Mammoth Polyester R1.5
  underfloor insulation installed by Warmup Solutions Ltd.

Mammoth underfloor insulation. Polyester. R1.5          

Mammoth Underfloor InsulationThe cat is warm

After your ceiling and underfloor insulation is installed, make sure you have a great source of efficient heating and air conditioning perfect for the Dunedin climate. We recommend a powerful heat pump with cooling option to provide both heating and cooling options for Winter and Summer seasons. Having a wood burner is good security in case the power goes out and you need a good source of heating for warmth and handy for boiling water and cooking your food.

Insulation helps trap the warm or cool air in your home. 

Ceiling and underfloor insulation, awesome wall insulation, double glazed windows and  a modern ventilation system is the ideal formula.

Pump up the heat during winter and pump in the cool air during summer.  Your heat pump can be more efficient with regular servicing. To assist with efficiency, clean your heat pump regularly and set your heat pump to 19% degrees with the low fan setting during Winter. In a well insulated home, it takes the chill off the room and may use less power than on a higher temperature.

Ellis Fibre Technobond Underfloor Insulation

  • Technobond Polyester Insulation for the underfloor. R1.6. 100mm thick as per manufacturer's spec sheet.

  • BRANZ certified to last 50 years when properly installed.

  • Locally made by Ellis Fibre in Kaikorai Valley, Dunedin.

  • Made from Polyester fibres.

  • Thermally bonded, 100mm thick, non-woven R1.6 polyester blanket underfloor product.

  • Meets the highest New Zealand insulation standard. NZ/AS 4859.1. 15% higher than the standard requires.

  • Will not slump or lose loft over time.

  • Easy to Handle

  • Enhanced indoor air quality. With no added formaldehyde, Technobond is allergy friendly.

  • The fibres are blended, carded and thermally bonded to produce blankets, which are machine slit to the required width and cut to length. The blankets are then compressed packed into plastic bags.

Technobond Underfloor Diagram Joists

Technobond Polyester Insulation Ellis Fibre Dunedin

After installation in the underfloor, this is what the Technobond insulation looks like.

R1.6. Technobond Polyester  Underfloor insulation installed by Warmup Solutions

Technobond R1.6. Underfloor insulation. Polyester. Installed by Warmup Solutions

Above picture shows Technobond Polyester R1.6 underfloor insulation installed. The insulation is folded down evenly each side of the joists. Technobond and Mammoth underfloor insulation are stapled 15 cm apart on the left and right side of the joist. Mammoth looks the same except it's white insulation rather than Technobond's purple colour.

Ground Vapour Barrier

Black Polythene Ground Vapour Barrier

  • Ground Vapour Barrier is Black Polythene installed on the ground in the underfloor area.

  • Meets the NZ building standard of 250 microns per m2.

  • Ideal to cover damp ground.

  • Helps stop dampness entering your home.

  • Extra layer of protection helping reduce mould and dampness entering your home to improve the health of your family.

  • Tapes to piles correctly with 200mm overlap of material.

  • 200mm of material goes up piles.

Our Top Notch insulation lasts, 50 years durability, is allergy friendly, has a high "R" value and is great value.

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